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Divorce and Separation: When Your Ex Badmouths You To Your Children

Q. “How do I maintain a good relationship with my son who is regularly exposed to negative talk about me from his father? A. This is a great question and unfortunately it is an issue that way too many separated parents have to deal with. Badmouthing, criticizing, or gossiping about one parent to the children […]

Divorce and Children: Should You Put on a Happy Face?

Q. “My head knows my relationship is over but my heart has yet to catch up. I’m not sure how to grieve. My children (3 are adults and live with me) dislike seeing me sad at any time. Should I put on a happy face in front of them? A. Having your heart and head […]

Divorce and Separation: Can Ex-Spouses Still be Friends?

Q. “How do I cope with my husband moving on and no longer sharing a friendship after 22 years together? How do I make sure my little boy is OK and doesn’t find it too hard? A. One important dynamic In divorce is that partners will work through the emotional stages of the divorce process […]

Divorce: Father’s Day Without My Children

Q. “My ex and I now live in different cities and it’s hard to be a non-custodial father. I find days like Father’s Day especially hard when they’re not with me. How do I build my relationship with my kids when I see them mostly in summer and major holidays?” A. Being a non-custodial parent […]

Dating and Divorce: Introducing The New Partner

Q. I’ve just started to date casually and I’m not sure how much I should share with my boys, who are 10 and 13. What’s the best way to introduce a new partner to my children? A. If you’re getting out into the dating world, I recommend you give yourself permission to have fun and […]

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