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Divorce in a Small Town

Question: “I live in a small community. My biggest challenge is I am always seeing my ex and the woman he had an affair with and married on a weekly basis because of the children’s activities. I feel like I can’t “get over” my divorce because I am kept inflamed constantly in the present.” Answer: […]

Divorce Relief: What to Do When You Can’t Stop Thinking About Your Ex

Q. “I am challenged by wondering all the time about what my soon-to- be ex-spouse is thinking or doing, and most agonizingly sad, who is is with? A. Separation and divorce is a bumpy road and it takes some time, dedicated effort and great tools to help get through to the other side. You are […]

Divorce: The On again, Off Again Relationship

Q. “I am dealing with the pain of a long term relationship break-up I can’t seem to let go of. He comes back, missing me terribly, we get back together and then 9 months to a year later we are apart again. How do I get off this roller coaster?” A. “Should I stay or […]

Divorce: Tips for Dating Again

Q. “It’s been years since I’ve been out on the dating scene and even though I think I’m ready to love again, I’m scared. I feel like a nervous kid again. Is this normal?” A. The decision to get back out in the dating world after divorce definitely can feel scary and intimidating, so you […]

Divorce: Hung Up on Your Ex?

Q. I am having a really hard time letting go. I still love my ex-husband and don’t know how to let that go so I can move on. A. Thank you for a wonderful question that many people can relate to for sure! Letting go of any significant relationship requires time, awareness and support. In […]

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