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Dating and Divorce: Introducing The New Partner

Q. I’ve just started to date casually and I’m not sure how much I should share with my boys, who are 10 and 13. What’s the best way to introduce a new partner to my children? A. If you’re getting out into the dating world, I recommend you give yourself permission to have fun and […]

Divorce: What to Do When You Didn’t See It Coming

Q. “My husband said he was unhappy in our marriage for years. Now, he wants a divorce. I can’t understand how I couldn’t have seen this coming!” A. One person wants a divorce and the other person feels blindsided by the decision. This is a tricky, yet not uncommon, situation. There is definitely a lot […]

Relationship Repeats: Picking the Wrong Person, Yet Again

Q. “I seem to pick the wrong guys to have relationships with, so I am wondering if there is any hope I will meet the right person and actually know it?” A. This is a great question and believe me there are many folks out there asking the same thing! It’s wonderful that you noticed that […]

August 18 THRIVE Call – Love, Relationships & Making it All Work

Are you wondering if it’s possible to find true love? How do you know if your current or potential partner is even compatible with you? Join me on Tuesday, August 18, 2009 at 9pm eastern/6pm pacific for our monthly THRIVE Community call. Our topic will be “Love, Relationships and Making It All Work.” I’ll be interviewing […]

Divorce: When Someone You Loved Now Hates You

Q. “How do I reconcile the fact that the mother of my two beautiful little girls and my once best friend now hates me with all her being? I find this shift from love to hate a hard process to follow.” A. I think there is a moment everyone has going through separation and divorce […]

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