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Divorce and the Holiday Season

Q. “The holiday season is coming up and I’m recently separated. I have two school-age boys. My stomach feels like a knot thinking how different the holidays are going to be now for them. Is there some way to make it easier?” A. Family holidays are supposed to be relaxing and stress-free, but often they […]

Change and Transition: 5 Brilliant Year in Review Questions

In a world that is fast-moving and filled with challenge, something we can always count on is change. What’s different about the state of change in the world these days is the rate and volume of change. Our world and the issues we navigate in our families, our businesses and our communities are increasingly complex […]

Stressed out? 5 Self-care Survival Strategies

Are you feeling stressed out? Isn’t this time of year when families and friends come together to celebrate special holidays and connect supposed to be a time of joy and peace? Then why are so many people out there feeling stressed out, short-tempered and run down? A key ingredient for success is to make an […]

Gratitude: A Life Preserver in a Sea of Change

So many of my American friends and clients are swept up in Thanksgiving season. Although I am Canadian and we celebrated this holiday last month, I enjoy riding the wave of connection and gratitude this particular holiday invokes. The year is quickly winding down and it is a perfect time for reflection on what has […]

The Year of….

Setting a theme for your year can be fun and a very useful strategy to your success this year. Each holiday season for at least the past 20 years, I’ve carefully selected my theme, and this year was no exception. In a minute, I’ll share it with you. (I’m so excited about it I can […]

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