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Divorce and Separation: How to Handle The Reactions of Family and Friends

Question: “I’ve been separated for a few months now and am still feeling pretty shell-shocked. How do I handle my friends and family? Everyone is telling me what to do, how I should feel, asking all sorts of questions I don’t feel like answering. I feel like shutting down.” Answer: The transition from going from […]

Finding Your Balance After Divorce

Q. “My question is really an intricate combination of how to keep myself in balance and go forward instead of wallowing in rumination about being unemployed, parenting three kids (9, 11, & 16) and navigating the mediation process all at the same time! My house is a disorganized mess, my finances are slim and uncertain, […]

Divorce and Separation: Letting Go of Your Past Married Life

Finding the energy and will to move forward into uncharted territories after divorce can be a really tough challenge. It’s uncomfortable standing at that turning point of ending a relationship and facing an unknown future.

Break Free from 5 Common Money Mindset Traps

Many brilliant entrepreneurs live with an internal contradiction that if left unchecked can really hamper their success and impact in the world. It’s the conflict we feel about money.
Your willingness to transform and transcend any old, dusty, limiting money stories is key to your success. The first step in any transformation is awareness.

Divorce and Separation: How to Handle Criticism from Your Ex

Question: “How do I handle my anxiety? My ex-husband says negative things to me constantly.” Answer: Thank you for a great question about how to learn to manage your emotional state so it doesn’t go completely topsy-turvy when your ex-spouse fires off a nasty comment or jibe. So many people can relate to this situation, […]

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